Queen Mary's Girls Schoolachievements


Hindi Recitation Competition

An Intra Class Hindi Recitation Competition was organized for classes Nursery to VIII on the occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’. Two students from each class have been selected for the next round.

Debate Competition 2016-17

A true saying “Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice we should not enter into the heat of Debate”. But our dear students had accepted this challenge and proved the following words-
“Debate and Divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture”

An Inter-School debate competition (English) was held in Maheshwari Public School, Ajmer on 3rd September, 2016 (Sat). The Debate was open to the students of classes IX to XII. The proposition for the debate was.

“It’s high time India stopped being a soft state”.

Our dear student Neha Vatwani of class XI Com A won the winners trophy. She stood first among all the students from the various schools present there. She spoke against the Motion. Her debate was highly appreciated and she won the “XV M.P.S. Challenger Trophy” for our school.

In another English Debate Competition held in H.K.H Public School on 9th September 2016 which included the following topic. “Today’s Tech Savvy Generation is losing bonds with their families”. Our school secured two positions. The second position is secured by Garima Vijayvergia from class XI Com B. She spoke in favour of the motion and third position was secured by Bharti Keswani belonging to class X-D. She spoke in against of the Motion. This is just the beginning as in the another Debate Competition in Hindi was held on 10th September 2015 in H.K.H Public School, Ajmer. The topic includes “Bharat Vishvya Guru Banne Mei Saksham Hai”. Our dear student Palak Dadhich belonging to XII Com A spoke in favour of the Motion and won the second position. Our students displayed their talents and hard labour in theme, accent, Logos and many more. They disclosed the length and breadth of knowledge that they gained through teachers & elders. The participants armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement, gestures and many more criteria.