Queen Mary's Girls SchoolFACULTY


Principal of our School


Mrs. Suzana Phillips
(2002-Till date)


As the institution endeavors to develop all round personality of students, our school has various co-curricular activities as Drawing & Painting, Sports, Craft Work, Debates, Dramatics, Quiz Programmes etc.


The school strives not only for the Academic Development of the students but also for their physical, mental and emotional growth through 'House System'' namely Red House, Blue House, Green House & Yellow House.


The school arranges from time to time certain well planned Entertaining Picnics, Excursions and tours, in order to acquaint the students with the life and environment of different places.


The school imparts moral education to equip students with desired social values. Fundamentals of all the religions are properly brought home to them so that they may rise above narrow sectarian concepts.